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I025 – North Saddle Caye

situated approximately 45 minutes ENE of the very popular tourist destination Placencia Village

8 Beds 7 Baths 11,176 Square Ft

I024 – 5.9 Acres on Saddle Caye

Situated on the southern tip of a $6 million development

6 Acres

I014 – Placencia Island – Cayo Theana

Located west of Placencia village

7 Acres

NI018 – Placencia Lagoon Island

Entire Peninsula, Placencia Village

NL243 – Commercial Lot on Las Brisas Island

located opposite the ferry location in Placencia

NL242- Las Brisas Island – Waterfront Lots in Placencia Village

Located near the southern end of Placencia Village.

I009 – Live On an Island: 3.4-Acre Property

Situated approximately 5 miles east of Placencia village

3 Acres

I006 – 2.190 acres on Saddle Caye

Lies on the northern tip of the larger Saddle Caye

2 Acres

I042 – 2.025 Acres on Saddle Caye

Lies 9 miles east of Placencia Peninsula in the Pelican Reserve

2 Acres

NI045 – False Caye, Placencia Belize

Close to the popular 16 miles Placencia Peninsula.

60 Acres

I052 – Lark Caye – Impressive 1.18 acres plot

Situated northeastern tip of Lark Caye Range located just 6 miles or 15 minute boat ride from Placencia Village in Southern Belize

1 Acres

I037 – Sunset Caye

7 miles off the coast of Riversdale, Placencia Peninsula, Stann Creek, Belize.

2 Acres
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